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Science and Technology

Science based technology

The technology used by Neuro-Insight is founded in work originally developed for academic and neuroscience research. From this, we developed Steady-State Topography (SST), a proprietary system that applies the technology to market research to review the effectiveness of brand communication and media. The application of SST in the field of neuroscience has been validated by peer-reviewed research and used in clinical applications for over fifteen years.

SST was first developed by Professor Richard Silberstein and his co-workers; Geoffrey Nield, David Simpson at the Swinburne University of Technology.

How our technology works

Participants wear a visor and an electrode cap while their electrical brain activity is captured via sensors on the scalp. This activity is tracked over time in sync with the media/stimulus they are watching. Neuro-Insight does not ask any questions, it simply monitors and records brain activity.

A true indicator of real time responses, free from outside influence

Whilst traditional market research relies on conscious responses, many of the brain functions we measure are sub-conscious, representing reactions that people may not even be aware of but which can nevertheless impact their decisions and behaviour.

We measure responses second-by-second in real time, and our technology measures the speed of the electrical activity of the brain, a true indicator of how the brain is responding to stimulus.

We measure attention, emotion, memory & engagement

It’s worth stressing we can’t read minds – we simply report responses. We are able to interpret these responses thanks to decades of work by neuroscientists, which has shown that the brain is highly specialised, with particular regions associated with specific cognitive functions.

Based on this work, our technology simultaneously measures cognitive functions relating to attention, emotion, memory and engagement.