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At Neuro-Insight, we know that the creative process is a challenging one—and that as the process moves closer to air greater and greater investments are made. That’s why we have a robust portfolio of metrics and capabilities designed to help clients during every stage of the creative process—from fundamental brand exploratory work, concepts and storyboards to finished TVC evaluation to cross platform and media optimization. See some examples

We are one of the few neuro-marketing companies to offer a robust, quantitative sample

Our approach is quantitative, to ensure that the results we get are not only robust but also representative of the wider population. Neuro Science does not change the law of statistics. Our minimum cell size is 50 people and most studies involve 100 or more respondents.

Our studies are carried out using normal screens in normal rooms

Respondents are pre-recruited and convened in groups of eight, looking at input materials on normal sized screens (be it television, laptop, tablet or smartphone) in a normal room rather than a laboratory setting.

We never prime respondents in a way that might affect their responses

On arrival at the research location, people receive an introduction to the session and equipment, but are not told specifically what the research is about or who we are working for. We never ask participants questions that might prime them to the subject.

We respect people’s privacy and don’t report on individual responses

We don’t see or report on individual participant brain responses, as data is pooled before being turned into meaningful output for analysis and interpretation. Read more about our ethical policy

We turn around data very quickly to meet client deadlines

A typical study takes around two to three weeks from receipt of input material to the production of a final report, although timings obviously vary according to clients’ objectives. For simple advertising pre-tests, with sufficient notice, this timeline can be accelerated into a single working week.