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Date published: 3rd November 2016 Advertising, Article, Case Study, Neuroscience

House Rules lifts McDonald’s brand attribute scores

Quantifying the effectiveness of Attribute Marketing In 2016, Seven adopted a new strategy for developing and selling integrated sponsorship packages for their major TV brands – Attribute Marketing. The theory behind Attribute Marketing is that the attributes of a media brand transfer and strengthen the same attributes of the sponsor’s brand. The closer the sponsored…

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Date published: 12th July 2016 Article, Neuroscience

How marketers are tapping neuroscience to give us what we want

There’s nothing like getting right into people’s heads when you are trying to sell something to them, which is why companies are tapping into neuroscience and behavioural economics to work out how to improve their marketing. Neuroscience uses brain imaging to take a sneak peek at which areas are activated as people watch television commercials…

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Date published: 20th April 2016 Advertising, Article, Neuroscience

Neuromarketing Exits ‘Hype Cycle,’ Begins to Shape TV Commercials

Samsung Gauges Brain Activity to Develop TV Ads That Work on Apple Fans   After a wave of enthusiastic publicity followed by an equal measure of skepticism, neuromarketing seems to finally be getting some respect.At the same meeting, the Advertising Research Foundation’s Re!Think conference, Mars said a study of 110 TV ads showed that biometric…

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Date published: 22nd March 2016 Advertising, Article, Case Study, Neuroscience

Five-year neuroscience study shows brands should stop going for the ‘hard sell’ in TV ads

Brands that subtly weave a product they are trying to sell into a wider narrative stand a better chance of consumers recalling it later, a five-year neuroscience study has found.  In fact, ‘subtle’ advertising resulted in a 17 per cent higher memory encoding response than those that went for the hard sell. It will come…

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Date published: 4th March 2016 Uncategorised

How does Real_Living relate to neuroscience

Heather Andrew, CEO of Neuro-Insight UK, gives her thoughts on the IAB’s recent Real_Living research, and how it relates to the world of consumer neuroscience. View the Real_living research here The recent Real_Living research carried out by the IAB delivered new evidence and thinking about how we interact with screens in our homes, leading to…

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Date published: 26th February 2016 Advertising, Article, Neuroscience


UK CEO of neuroscience-based research firm Neuro-Insight, Heather Andrew, looks at the ASA’s most complained-about ads from the brain’s perspective. The Advertising Standards Authority ( ASA ) recently published a list of advertisements that received the most complaints throughout 2015. While only one item in the top ten had complaints against it upheld by theASA, many of these ads…

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Date published: 10th February 2016 Advertising, Article, Neuroscience

Holiday ads – the brain’s perspective

Center Parcs – Bears   Neuro-Insight’s CEO, Heather Andrew, exclusively sheds light on the subconscious impact of five of the latest holiday ads. While the winter chill is still fresh, holiday advertisers are making sure that our minds are on the sunny breaks ahead. The most recent wave of holiday ads all take a step…

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Date published: 21st January 2016 Advertising, Article

Have You Got the Consumer Instinct?

Recent research shows that media people respond very differently to ads than the general population. Heather Andrew, CEO of Neuro Insight UK, reports. Is this a familiar scenario? You’re watching TV at home with your partner or a friend (who doesn’t work in the marketing industry). The new John Lewis Christmas ad comes on and…

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Date published: 15th December 2015 Advertising, Article, Neuroscience

Drain a brain. Make consumer neuroscience work for your brand

Understanding how the brain works is playing an increasingly significant role in marketing communications as marketers strive to improve the effectiveness of their advertising. Consumer neuroscience involves a range of different technologies aimed at measuring consumers’ brain activity in order to analyse subconscious reactions to advertising. These are difficult to assess objectively through conventional research…

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Date published: 15th December 2015 Advertising, Article, Neuroscience

The science of branding: Neuro-Insight CEO Heather Andrew on brands and brains

  Emotion is not enough, says Heather Andrew When Cadbury’s drumming gorilla was unleashed in 2007, its soundtrack and surrealism allowed the confectioner to draw a line under its  salmonella scare, and boosted sales by 9 per cent. But an entertaining advert is not enough. The role which branding plays within the advert is crucial,…

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